Six Tenets of Unfolding:
Form is Process

"The process itself is the actuality"
Alfred North Whitehead

There are no shortcuts to beautiful form. If you stand in front of the faucet of your kitchen sink and look at the beautiful shape of the drop of water you can realize that it forms slowly as gravity works on the tiny bit of water. You can not make that shape mechanically. Nor can we make babies from adding together bits and pieces. The child forms slowly through a process of division and specialization of cells.

A building, room, or doorway is the same. When we build a house we start from the piece of land which will be its context. We work from that context to determine how the house will make that land more lovely and preserve the best for the garden areas. Windows are done, not on a blueprint where it is guesswork to get them just right: they are place when the context of the room is ready for that decision.

This is the essence of the process of unfolding: moving slowly step by step from a less to more differentiated space.

It doesn't mean spending more time or money, just doing things in the right order.