Six Tenets of Unfolding:
User Participation

"Who knows what is really really needed?"

There is a haircut chain that advertises "We cut hair for your ego not ours." That's not exactly what we are saying but at least it is in the right direction.

Architects are somewhat prone to want to design buildings for their egos—to prove they are brilliant and original, or build for their budgets and figure how just how much time they can afford to spend on a design. What we are after is truly comfortable spaces they deeply suit the needs of the people who live and work in those spaces.

Working with us means intense in-depth discussions about what kinds of spaces you really need to be comfortable. You are the only ones with that information. We have our ways of helping you articulate it, give voice to inner voices. In one large project for a campus it was a turning point when one of the teachers finally said, "What I would really really like is to walk by water between classes and relax and prepare for the next group of students." Other teachers then felt free to speak equally about what they wanted. With them we designed a great place to teach and learn.

We think through with you about what spaces to bring into being.