Study the Steps of the Unfolding

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Creating a Fireplace by Unfolding

This sequence allows you to design you own fireplace, according to your own wishes.
Step 1
Step 2

Define an inner rectangle which makes the whole harmonious

Step 3

Define main rectangle of outside of the fireplace under the shelf

Step 4

Get the height of mantel shelf

Step 5

Add the periphery—chimney, wings, chimney breast, hearth, to make it complete in three dimensions.

Step 6

We now began a series of experiments, to see what the three dimensional character of the area in front of the fire should be.

Step 6

Benches don't help—lets try something else

Step 7

Try vertical projecting volumes, rather than benches…

Step 7

Those volumes don't help—try something simpler, not projecting so much

Step 8

Try widening the mantel, and making two side volumes slightly forward to support it

Step 8

This is better—simpler, more comfortable to sit near—lets go with this

Step 9

Get color and material of main body of the fireplace

Step 10

Get color and material of main body of the fireplace

Step 11

Add finishing touches of ornament, to give a fine-grained level of scale


The completed fireplace.