We CAN have a world of cities which is beautiful, useful, good to live in, and where children, animals, plants, flowers, trees, insects, and men and women can live in harmony.

Our association of members consists of people from all walks of life, in many countries. They are young, old; they live in wealth and in poverty; some are architects and builders and planners connected with the task of building; others, more of our members, are simply people who are concerned because they are saddened by the direction 20th century construction took, and now, in this new millennium, they want to help create a living world around them.

The members help each other; we help them. The members are united by the possibility that we now have tools available, which are capable of creating a humane environment, and a living world in cities. They have joined our association because one of these tools is the pattern language; more tools are available on this website.

Some reasons to become a member of