"I visited your website and found the ideas electrifying. Their beauty and simplicity and common sense are very appealing. These are intuitive concepts, but you've explained and rendered them so coherent that they can be utilized in a systematic and orderly process. Makes one want to build!"

Ken Canfield, Canfield Gallery, Santa Fe.

"Hi there - Just a love-note, basically, to say how ecstatic I am that Pattern Language has launched a website. I first encountered--and became entranced by--the book as a teen; more than a decade later, I'm still too weighed down by student-loan debt to make any large steps towards the PL space of my dreams, but the website is a delightful development that makes me feel it stil might be possible some day. In the meantime, I do what I can in cramped apartments and scrabbly urban back yards...Pattern Language thinking has deeply affected my way of seeing places and the people in them. Thank you! "

Amelia Cox
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