An Introduction to A Pattern Language, the Book

253 patterns for towns, buildings, and construction

The language begins with patterns that define towns and communities. These patterns can never be designed or built in one fell swoop—but patient piecemeal growth, designed in such a way that every individual act is always helping to create or generate these larger global patterns, will, slowly and surely, over the years, make a community that has these global patterns in it.

The next part of the language gives shape to groups of buildings, and individual buildings, on the land, in three dimensions. These are the patterns which can be "designed" or "built"—the patterns which define the individual buildings and the space between buildings; where we are dealing for the first time with Patterns that are under the control of individuals or small groups of individuals, who are able to build the patterns all at once.

The next, and last part of the language tells how to make a buildable building directly from this rough scheme of spaces, and tells you how to build it in detail.

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