This site puts forward the following questions for debate.
  1. What is the criterion for a good building?
  2. How can a theory of architecture adequately deal with all buildings on earth, not just a selected few.
  3. How can we give students a model which provides a clear description of a viable form of professional practice, which deals with both issues of scale, and with issues of qualtiy.
  4. How can we construct a viable vocabulary and language in which we can speak to students about their designs, in ways that help make the designs better.
  5. How can a theory of architecture clearly address how people, not just professionals, are to be involved in the process of the built environment.
  6. How can a theory of architecture deal with issues of ecology in a sensible way.
  7. How can we define the relation between design and construction process, and craft, and is it clear how the young architect is to have a deep and familiar understanding of actual materials, structure, construction, in a way that gives deep enough understanding.

Thank you for looking at this site. It is my hope that what the site offers, can really help to answer these questions.

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